High School Program

At High School, When the Outcome Matters

High School students at Kenwick School are streamed according to their needs. Students take part in either a career education program or an alternative to employment program.

Both of these programs have three major components – work skills, independent living skills and leisure and recreation skills. The aim of both programs is to teach students the skills that they will need to lead productive and fulfilled adult lives.

Staff at Kenwick School work in partnership with parents and post-school service providers to develop programs that help our students to transition successfully from school into their adult lives.

The work skills program teaches students to sit at a workstation and complete repetitive tasks independently. Many of our students have gone on to gain employment at ACTIV and Qualipac.

The independent living skills program teaches students skills that they can use at home, such as cooking, cleaning and self-care skills. It also teaches them social skills that are necessary for interacting in the community and at home.

The leisure and recreation skills program teaches the students personal management and safety skills when using community facilities and when participating in leisure activities. Students learn how to travel safely on public transport, how to handle money safely and how to share facilities with other members of the public.