From the Principal’s Desk – Term 1 2018

As the term draws to a conclusion I have reflected and come to the conclusion that this has been a very industrious, positive and interesting term for our school. Therefore, I want to take this opportunity to thank all of our wonderful students, parents/caregivers and staff for the role they played in ensuring this was a very successful term, which has provided a great platform for the rest of the 2018 school year.

School Councillors:

I heartily congratulate the following students for being elected as our school Councillors for 2018, namely;

  • Kodie (Primary Representative)
  • Laurence (Primary Representative)
  • Aleisha (Primary Representative)
  • Mikayla (Secondary Representative) Lachlan (Secondary Representative) Hawraa (Secondary Representative).

A great deal of faith and trust has been bestowed on you. However, I know you will prove to be outstanding representa ves of our student body this year, and I look forward to working with you all.


I am pleased to note that this term the school has received an unprecedented number of enrolment enquiries; which has translated to 8 new enrolments (6 Primary and 2 Secondary aged); with an additional two potential enrolments pending. It is my pleasure to warmly welcome the following three students and their families to the school who have joined us since that last newsletter;

  • Jaxon- PP (Room 4)
  • William- PP (Room 4) Hashem-Yr 11 (Room 13) and

The majority of these students enrolled in the school’s Early Intervention (EI) program, swelling that class size from 6 to 12. This has necessitated in an additional EI class being created, headed by Tayla Evere . This flurry of activity means that for the first time since 2004, enrolments now exceed 80 students. This is a great sign of the confidence that the community has in the programs, facilities and resources offered by our school. The following table tracks the trajectory of enrolments over the past 4 years;

In closing, I want to wish all parents and caregivers a wonderful, safe April Term break with your children. I look forward to connecting with you all again in Term 2, which I remind you commences on Wednesday 2 May.

Kind regards,
Mark Watson