Book Week 2019

It was our first Book Week at Kenwick School in longer than anyone can remember and we did it with Kenwick School flair!
Across the school, we packed out the week with daily activities. These activities lent themselves to reading and telling stories, learning about characters, story sequences and stretching us to imagine things a little differently.
We watched stories being told and used all our senses to enjoy them. Sensorium’s ‘Big Rain Coming’ meant we could hear the crackling thunder, feel the dry, hot earth, and enjoy what the cool relief of rain feels like. We did as Pirates do and made and ate Pirate Porridge. We travelled on a Pirate Ship to a treasure island and dug for gold. We made our very own favourite characters out of hand puppets. A big wind blew in to our art lessons and we created unique creatures and animals.

And how cool was it to dress up as book characters and share the fun with our family and friends!

During Book Week this is what we discovered about stories and books:

• they give us something to focus on together
• they help us learn about things we’d never thought about before
• they let us be a little bit silly and funny
• they make us laugh
• they get us talking and communicating
• they help us celebrate Australia’s fantastic authors and illustrators

We think we can keep the fun and learning going all year long!