Room 14: ” Experience Collider”

Although it seems quite a while ago now, I must mention how amazing the students were in the “Experience Collider” performance held at the State Theatre during the holidays. It was such a brilliant inclusive show, which allowed the students to test their boundaries, be themselves as they were gently guided by Performing Art students
from other Secondary Schools. Great also to know that some parents attended and that some students could go on stage, take their bows and receive their well-deserved accolades.
Back at school we had so much fun at the “in school camp” and loved having some Room 8 girls join us. There were lots of smiles and laughter as Dawn and Tahlia frolicked around in the pool with the other Secondary School girls. Other activities included making pancakes, dress ups, art, a tissue craft incursion and our excursion to Gosnells. Art was very popular as it was all about bubbles. After playing and popping them we blew bubbles onto a large piece of paper to produce a wonderful piece of collaborative art. Whether it be creating, or playing with brightly coloured tissue paper, who knew it could be so much fun? Some very tired but happy students at the end of the day.

Marie McLachlan, Marianne Van Dam & Staff